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"There are people that take, and take, and take some more and don't even realize it, there are people who just don't give a damn, then there are people who give, and give, and give and expect nothing in return, and then there are people who try their very best to live and just end up falling apart."
~ Shelby

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"If you have enough monkeys you can rule the world" ~Cheila

"i suppose in retrospect not getting any isnt as bad as being sodomized by stuffed animals." ~Daniel

"I'm gonna leave, not now but when i go." ~Shelby

"Don't let your relationships turn into a big bouncy ball of porage." ~Cheila

"I'm not losing it, i'm just gaining it negatively." ~Cheila or Shelby

"Real geniuses live by self proclaimation alone, I am a genius" ~Shelby

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"in order to buy satin, you'd have go to a store that sells satin" ~Shelby

"Alcohol thermometers are less toxic, but toxic none the less" ~Shelby

"lordy i love Funyuns!" ~Shelby

"It was Sunday. The massive mushroom put its best sombrero on its little head. It danced a jig for the vampire club and then drank marmalade soup until the police came!" ~mad lib generator

" I have something that I call "bringing Chuck-E. to life" also. ironically enough though, it's why I can't get a job there." ~Daniel

"I don't commit to memory the things that come out of my mouth" ~Brendan (while referencing some thing he said 15 seconds before)

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

not gone yet

Posted at 18:44 by Shelby
if u comment they will come...  

Tuesday, May 24, 2005
eh... i'm still here

Preparer of the wax dessert tray

Sculpt it, Picture it, Capture it, Love it

Let it live; Keep it Lifeless. 

See it?     Smell it?     Taste it?

Tease me,

Preparer of the wax dessert tray.


Posted at 19:06 by Shelby
if u comment they will come...  

Thursday, April 21, 2005
death to my blog

death to my blog.... last post, until i maybe return with a different blog at a different time... i'll delete sometime later. in the mean time be true to the ones you love, for the love of truth, not for the love of love
its not easy being green...dammit

Posted at 21:27 by Shelby
if u comment they will come...  

Tuesday, March 29, 2005
today is josh's birthday

today is josh's birthday, happy birthday josh.

Posted at 00:30 by Shelby
(3) YAAY!!!  

Tuesday, March 15, 2005
well, now what??

i think thats all of the idols, all the better for my readers that i stop posting this crap.... drop me a comment if you must...

Posted at 19:58 by Shelby
if u comment they will come...  

Nico Smith

hmm, hmm, hmm, a lovely lil J5 diddy he's decided on. i dont think i like it.... hmmm. i do know i hate his sports coat, its just ugly, no question about it, too bad this isnt Fashion Idol... okay okay, so i've decided his singing sucks... yeah

Posted at 19:57 by Shelby
if u comment they will come...  

God i need a life, please grant me a life

God i need a life, please grant me a life.

Posted at 19:54 by Shelby
if u comment they will come...  

Carrie Underwood

she's country, she sucks! MUTE.

Posted at 19:53 by Shelby
if u comment they will come...  


i love Nadia's hair. Maybe someday i can grow out a nice big Nadia style fro eh? she's got a great voice, and she's always wearing a pretty dress... YAAY this evening she's got a nice flowy chiffon dress on, and it has all sorts of pretty colors in it... yaay

Posted at 19:52 by Shelby
if u comment they will come...  

Scott Savol

he's totally PIMP... hehe, i'm so bored. his suit is the shiznit, and he has tiny lil glasses on, much too small for his face. he's getting good comments... meh.

Posted at 19:48 by Shelby
if u comment they will come...  

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